Gingerbread Manor Bed and Breakfast

Painting a Bair Chair

Monday, June 30, 2014      9:00 am - noon


When you call or email to register, we'll send you a materials list so you can get 

everything ready

Bair Chairs (and tables, benches, chests and anything else wood) are chairs that are

 inspired by a famous artist whose wild and crazy patterns and colors decorate 

everything from dishes to overstuffed furniture.  Our Bair Chairs are solid wood pieces

 from garage sales and used furniture stores.  We sand them, prime and then paint 

delicious, free-hand patterns on them.  They are all sealed with a protective coating and used in the home.  Not for decoration - use them!

Summer Fun for Young Crafters  ages 9 and older

      All Young Crafters  days include visiting and feeding the animals on the farm!  Fee includes all materials except where noted.   The crafts that are brought home are only the finished product – the very lasting part of your experience is the skills you learn and the feeling of accomplishment of making things with your own hands.  

Soap Pouring and Card-Making don’t worry, Mom, no dangerous lye here!  Choose a mold and melt your glycerin or goat’s milk base in the microwave.  While it sets up, we use special papers and edging tools to create a greeting card!   2 hours, 2 projects  $25    Thursday, July 3, 2014                          9:00 – 11:00 am

Candle Making and Stamping – choose your container from our collection, and hand-tie a lead-free wick and pour in scented soy wax!  While the wax is cooling, we work with stamps and papers to create your own greeting card!    2 hours, 2 projects    $25     Monday, June 30, 2014   6:00 – 8:00 pm

Sewing for Young Crafters – basic “getting started” skills of choosing and cutting fabric, sewing on a machine, and sewing by hand.  You will go home with a bean bag that you made!   3 hours, one project, all materials and instruction provided $25    By appointment, please call

Sewing for Young Crafters TWO - after learning the terms and skills from your first project, come back and we'll make a pillowcase for your bed!   Two hours, one project, all materials and instruction provided    $25   By appointment, please call

Knitting for Very Beginners – bring a skein (that’s a hank, a ball or a neatly-wrapped cylinder) of pretty worsted yarn (that’s a term you’ll find on the yarn wrapper) and a pair of knitting needles, size 8 or 9.  You will get started on a scarf to wear next Fall!   2 hours each night, 2 nights, $25   Tuesday, August 5 and Wednesday, August 6   6:00 – 8:00 pm each night

Download and print Registration form above

by prior arrangement only Sewing for Brand New Beginners    $15/person

We have the sewing machines- or bring your own and we'll teach you how to 

thread it and use it!  Every person chooses fabric from our huge selection of 

cotton and cotton blend patterns and solids.  After pinning and cutting out the 

squares, s/he will use a sewing machine and stitch around three sides.  Then little

 plastic beanbag beans are funneled inside and the fourth side is hand-stitched 

closed.  Get out to the yard and let's play the "corn bag" tossing game!  

All materials and instruction are included.

Group rates are available for home school classes and Scout troops.  If Scout 

troops are working toward a badge or Try-It, please alert us so we can make 

sure we cover the details you need!

by appointment only    Sewing - Private lessons    $20/hour

Wear your own creation!  Make a quilt!  Make clothing for your children, decorate

 your home, or just learn what to do with that machine that's just sitting there 

collecting dust.  Lessons are taught in our second-floor crafts room or in nice 

weather - in the barn classroom. Your machine or ours - you don't need to own 

one to take lessons.  Teachers are experienced seamstresses, having sewn men's

 trousers, wedding dresses, lined jackets and Quilts!   We will help you choose 

patterns and fabrics or work with the ones you bring.  Call for your first lesson!